The Way of Awesome

Awesome! Oh wow! Like, totally freak me out!

Rule One: Make the awesome choice.

In any given set of possibilities, there is one choice that is the most awesome. You have to know yourself and the context of your choice a little to know what the most awesome choice is, but you shouldn’t have to think about it a whole lot. Just ask yourself: “What is the most awesome thing I could do in this situation?” and I bet the answer’ll be pretty clear.

Awesomeness is highly subjective. Sitting on the couch and watching Scrubs reruns is not the most awesome choice when you’ve done the same thing several days in a row and could be playing tennis, but it might be the most awesome choice if you’re exhausted from playing tennis all week and a night spent vegging on the sofa with Zach Braff will make you feel whole again. An ice cream sundae sounds like a pretty awesome thing, but after eating cake all day, a piece of fruit would be more awesome… unless you’re in a sundae eating contest. It’s all about the context of the moment, about what seems most awesome to you right now, and not about who you are or are not.

I like the word “awesome” because it takes away a cloud of right and wrong and morality and duty. It makes everything about what aligns with living an awesome life rather than about being productive or strong or what-have-you. Awesomeness is about being happy, and joyful, and living richly. Choosing something awesome doesn’t sound like a burden—it reframes a question from “what must I do not to suck?” to “what is amazing and incredible?” Making the awesome choice allows you to move towards what you consider to be wonderful, and not just away from what scares you.

For me, making the awesome choice is almost always going to involve choosing a challenge, because I am most awesome when I’m not in a rut. That doesn’t have to be the case for everyone. It’s all about what you value, what you think is incredible. If you grew up in the wilds of Africa, leading safaris with your parents and wrestling tigers, maybe you crave quietude and comfort, and so maybe your awesome choice will always involve things that provide security and silence and a lack of tigers. It is very much up to you, but it all comes down to asking yourself: “What is the most awesome thing I could do, here?” That’s the way to live an awesome life.


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