The Way of Awesome

Awesome! Oh wow! Like, totally freak me out!

Rule Two: Be awesome today, not tomorrow.

You can’t change the past. Your control over the future is illusory. All you really have is right now.

Maybe you’ve never succeeded at much. Or maybe you’ve had a lot of horrible things happen to you in your life. You can’t change that, but right now? You are awesome. Every bit of you is awesome. All of those failures, any pain, every single bit of life that you’ve gone through, is in the past, and all you really are is what you are in this moment, this awesome human being who has lived life so far. Step back and see that. See how insignificant it all is in the face of exactly right now. Let it go. Make it simple.

The past, and dealing with the weight of it, is why Rule Zero exists. You came in to work late today? You’re still awesome. You ate a pastry for breakfast when you swore you’d eat healthfully today? You’re still completely awesome. Go from there. We’ve all made less than awesome choices in our lives, some of us more than others, but there is nothing you can do about that except move forward.

The only reason you ever need to make plans for the future is so you know what the awesome choice is today. Setting awesome life goals is completely worthwhile—in fact, I wouldn’t know what to base awesome choices on without goals–but sometimes we set goals and make plans and rely on thoughts of “when I’m…” and “I’m gonna…” to feel good. We use plans as failsafes because we don’t think we will be awesome enough later on to do the awesome thing. This leads to a belief that we’ll be awesome at some magical point in the future, and until that point we might as well assume we’re less than awesome and act accordingly. Don’t make plans in a way that assumes that you are not awesome now and will not be awesome forever. Every long-term, incremental plan relies on you making the awesome choice all along the way at crucial points, so the only thing to do is focus on the awesomest choice right now. Make your plan, but don’t fixate on the future as the answer to everything. Really, what’s a more awesome way to spend your time: Designing a perfect, crystalline structure for your future that will only ever be a design, or doing some other awesome thing that makes you happier and more awesome right now (listen to a song! Write! Roller skate! Learn something!)? That’s a question you need to answer.

Another good question is: Why put off doing something awesome until tomorrow when you can do it today? Why end any day without having lived as awesomely as possible? There are times, certainly, when procrastinating is technically the most awesome thing to do, but that’s going to be when you’re exhausted, when what you’re choosing isn’t to put something off but to do something now like resting, or taking time for yourself. Procrastination is almost never going to be awesome.


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