The Way of Awesome

Awesome! Oh wow! Like, totally freak me out!

Rule Zero: Assume you are awesome.

The first thing, the most important thing, is that you assume that you’re awesome. Everything else has to flow from there. If you are awesome, there’s no need to be afraid of failure. If you are awesome, there’s no need to think that you’re not good enough to make the most awesome choice in any given situation.

But I’m—

Yeah, I get you. I am too. I’m fat. I’m kind of weird sometimes. I’m shy. I have a list of failures from my past. I have voices in my head that tell me that I’m not at all awesome. So, I understand where you’re going, but I’m telling you: None of that matters. Assume that you’re awesome.

None of that matters. Socrates was fat and ugly. Emily Dickinson was a recluse. Poe was an addict. I could go on, but you know what I mean. More importantly: We’re all just human. We are flawed and messy and unbelievably fragile, every single one of us, but look at what we’ve done, at what we are. We have this crazy civilization. We are freakishly resilient creatures. We’re capable of so many things. Just being a part of that is why we’re all so awesome, and in the face of that it seems to me that it’s kind of crazy how we let little things get us down and make us afraid of doing what will make us the happiest and the most awesome.


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